Our Annual Fall Fair is cancelled,  however, 

we will be offering an online event of Junior Prizes

Armour, Ryerson, Burk's Falls Agricultural Society holds events, markets and draws to support the annual Fall Fair

​​Armour, Ryerson & Burk's Falls Agricultural Society

The Society held its first fall fair in a log schoolhouse which also doubled as a church and meeting hall, located on High Street, Burk's Falls, October 1881.  Prizes as high as 25 cents were offered for the best in roots and garden vegetables, homemade soap, lard and butter, and ladies fancy work.  

A few years later, suitable grounds were secured and a program of events planned to which the public looked forward to each year.  Horse races and drawing contests were early entertainment.  Teamster from local lumber firms matched each other in driving and drawing contests with company teams.  Buggy races and driving competitions included classes for ladies and one pioneer lady displayed her skill driving a pair of oxen.  Baby shows were popular for many years

The new grounds were developed in 1949, with many added facilities and a good race track.  On the former Huston Street site, a quarter million dollar Red Cross hospital was built.  Now, a more varied program is possible including commericial exhibits and displays to interest more urban people.  On the 75th anniversary, a log cabin was set up with pioneer directors, in costume, demonstrating spinning.  Reeve Stanley Darling of this Society is a past president of O.A.A.S. and district director.

Contest begins May 25

Prize is $2.00 per entry
One entry per category per child



The due date for all entries will be August 31st, 2020
Payout date of Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Arrangements have been made for the parents/guardian/grandparent /caregiver of the children to come to the Quonset hut to pick up their winnings.
A table will be set up outside of the building, an envelope with the child’s name and money inside.
The envelope will then be passed to the parent/adult who will remain in their vehicle or stand in the designated area.
This is the safest way to distribute their winnings.

Class 31 Pre-School - 3 years of age

1. Colour your favorite picture
2. Draw a picture of a farm animal
3. Paint a picture of your family
4. Make a picture using a thumbprint
5. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 32 Junior Kindergarten
6. Draw a picture “My Family at the Fair”
7. Collect 12 pretty rocks (local) and display in a decorate egg carton
8. Make a craft article using materials from nature
9. Make a paper bag puppet
10. Paint a rock no bigger than your fist
11. Make a puppet using a disposale cup
12. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 33 Senior Kindergarten
13. Trace your hand, cut out and decorate
14. Decorate a rock
15. Draw a picture of yourself at the fair
16. Paint a picture of 12” x 18” or smaller
17. Construct a tin foil monster with crushed tin foil
18. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 34 Grade 1
19. Weave a placemat
20. Make a rock animal no bigger than your fist
21. Make an article from recycled materials
22. Decorate a lunch bag or box
23. Colour or paint a picture of your family
24. Paint a picture of your favourite thing
25. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 35 Grade 2
26. Create a handmade card for a family member
27. Using your hand or foot print to create a picture
28. Draw or colour a picture of your friends
29. Make a small windchime, judged on creativity
30. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 36 Grade 3
31. Make a craft using a mason jar
32. Design a bookmark
33. Construct a birthday card and verse for a friend
34. Paint a picture using a sponge
35. Create a friendship bracelet
36. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 37 Grade 4
37. Construct a puppet using a sock, displayed in a cup
38. Sketch an original pen or pencil picture
39. Design and create an invitation to a birthday party
40. Draw a picture of your favourite thing
41. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 38 Grade 5
42. Make an animal or creature using one or more seashells
43. Draw an original pen/pencil sketch size up 12” x 18” maximum
44. Using a computer make and print a greeting card and verse
45. Assemble a First Aid Kit in shoe box, minimum 7 articles
46. Make an article of stained glass art using tissue paper
47. Make an article using recycled materials
48. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 39 Grade 6
49. Make and decorate a picture frame
50. Make a craft using crayon art
51. Draw a picture using pencil only
52. 5 different leaves, mounted and labelled
53. Decorate a t-shirt, cap or hat
54. Construct a craft using buttons
55. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Intermediate Grades 7 and 8
Class 40 Grade 7

56. Create and make a card and verse for Dad or Mom
57. Make a scrapbook page
58. Decorate any article of clothing
59. Paint a picture of your favourite season
60. Make a key chain
61. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 41 Grade 8
62. An adult colouring page, coloured
63. Make a thank you note with a verse
64. Make a piece of string art
65. Make a picture using stipple art
66. Make 4 coasters
67. Make a lawn ornament out of a rubber boot
68. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Senior Grades 9 to 12
Class 42 Grades 9 – 12

69. Make an article of origami
70. Knit or crochet something for someone special
71. Construct a door decoration
72. Make a puppet
73. Make a table centerpiece, not over 12” in any direction
74. Sew an article of clothing
75. Decorate a hockey stick
76. Draw a pencil sketch
77. Craft article, not previously listed (sewing, needlework, etc)

Class 45 Junior Photography
• Child’s name and Grade must be visible
• The child must take the picture
• Only one entry in each section
• No enlargements unless stated
• All pictures to be 4” x 6” mounted with 1” border

Juniors up to 8 years old
1. Mud Puddle
2. My Stuffy
3. Ice Cream
4. Rocks
5. Selfie

Juniors 9 – 18 years old
6. Clouds
7. Bad Hair Day
8. Shadows
9. Fishing
10. Selfie

Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders Leaders
Sparks (Ages 5 to 6)
Jenn Talbot 519-831-1079

Brownies (Ages 7 to 8)
Kim Milburn 249-995-0171

Guides (Ages 9 to 12)
Jennifer Taylor - (705) 783 7033

Pathfinders (Ages 13 to 15)
For more information regarding
Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders
In Burk’s Falls and area
Please call 1-877-323-4545 Ext. 7333
Looking for Volunteer Leaders for Guides and Pathfinders

Class 48 Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders

Prizes $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 $1.00
Exhibitors must be a registered member of these groups
Burk’s Falls Sparks

1. Make a Christmas decoration
2. Glue pictures of food to a disposable plate to show a healthy lunch
3. Create a craft using items found in nature
4. Make an ad promoting Sparks
5. Make a craft using recycled materials
Burks’s Falls Brownies
6. Make a Christmas Decoration
7. Create a healthy snack using clay
8. Create a craft using knots
9. Create an invitation to a Guiding event
10. Make a puppet out of a sock

Burk’s Falls Guides
11. Make a Christmas decoration
12. Create a poster promoting healthy minds
13. Create a craft using knots
14. Draw or paint your favourite memory from Guiding
15. Create a sit upon for camp

Burk’s Falls Pathfinders

16. Using cord, make five knots, and display them on a piece of heavy cardboard and name them
17. Create a 3D (three-dimensional) soap sculpture
18. Draw or make plaster casts of animal tracks name them
19. Put together a first aid kit that you would take on a hiking trip
20. Choose a Waggs World Centre and create a poster advertising it

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures
Anyone wishing information on joining any of these groups, please contact the respective leaders listed below
Beaver Scouts (Age 5 to 7)
Cub Scouts (Ages 8 to 10)
Cathy Snell (705)-382-5634

Scouts & Ventures (Ages 11 to 17)
Doug Brown (705)-783-8916
Looking for Volunteer Leaders for all age groups.

Class 49 Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Ventures
Prizes $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 $1.00

Beaver Scouts
1. Print the 'promise', maximum 12" X 8" (30.5cm X 22.9cm)
2. Make a nature collage, maximum 12" X 18" (30.5cm X 45.75cm)
3. Make a clothespin craft
4. Make a poster “what beavers mean to me” maximum 12" X 18" (30.5cm X 45.75 cm)

Cub Scouts
5. Make a woodworking project, maximum 12" X 24" (30.5cm X 61cm)
6. Design a crest for a club camp, maximum 3" X 4" (7.5cm X 12cm)
7. Make a family safety poster, maximum 12" X 18" (30.5cm X 45.75cm)
8. Draw a picture, any media, 12" X 18" (30.5cm X 45.75cm)

Scouts and Ventures
9. Eight knots, named, mounted, maximum 12" X 18" (30.5cm X 45.75cm)
10. Make a canoe paddle
11. Display and identify 20 leaves and/or boughs, mounted, maximum 12" X 18"
12. Finished natural cane or walking stick
13. Make a first aid survival kit, maximum 10" (25cm)