Armour, Ryerson & Burk's Falls Agricultural Society

Entry Fees; Lead Line $8.00 for the day; junior $25.00 for the day; Youth $30.00 for the Day; Senior $30.00 for the Day
1. Best Groomed Junior
2. Best Groomed Youth
3. Best Groomed Senior 
4. In Hand Obstacle Junior
5. In Hand Obstacle Youth
6. In Hand Obstacle Senior
7. Lead Line
8. Walk Trot Junior
9. Walk Trot Youth
10. Walk Trot Senior
11. Command Class Junior
12. Command Class Youth
13. Command Class Senior
14. Egg and Spoon Junior
15. Egg and Spoon Youth
16. Egg and Spoon Senior
17. Sit a Buck Junior
18. Sit a Buck Youth
19. Sit a Buck Senior
20. Toilet Paper Youth
21. Toilet Paper Senior
22. Pony Express; teams that include 1 participant per division to work as a team to relay a letter to and from each participant. (Timed)
23. Water Race; teams that include 1 participant per division to work as a team to move water from 1 bucket to another. (Timed)
24. Lead Line Barrels (timed)
25. Junior trot Barrels (timed)
26. Youth Barrels (timed)
27. Senior Barrels (timed)
28. Group Flag; teams that include 1 participant per division to combine their times of their run. Lowest combined times wins. (Timed)

1. Junior Barrels
2. Youth Barrels
3. Senior Barrels
4. Youth Flag
5. Senior Flag
6. Costume Class 18 and under
7. Youth Stake
8. Senior Stake
9. Youth Poles 
10. Senior Poles 
11. Open Dash

Burk’s Falls Agricultural Society
Light Horse Show

Monday September 3, 2018

1. Start Time 9:00 a.m. Registration Booth Opens at 8:30 a.m., Early Registration by email;
2. Entry Fees: Junior $4.00 per class; Intermediate $4.00 per class; Senior $5.00 per class; Open $10.00 per class.
3. Junior; a child 12 and under riding a pony 14.2 and under; Youth/Intermediate a child 18 and under, Senior 18+; Open is for all participants to enter except Lead Line Riders.
4. Jackpot Classes do not have ribbons nor prize money except for 1st place $100.00. Jackpot Classes will not run unless there are 5 competitors.
5. Prize money and ribbons will be awarded as follows;
Junior Classes 1st to 4th ribbons and prize money 1st $10.00, 2nd $7.00, 3rd $5.00, 4th $3.00
Intermediate Classes 1st to 4th ribbons prize money 1st $15.00, 2nd 10.00, 3rd $7.00, 4th $5.00
Senior Classes 1st to 4th ribbons prize money 1st 15.00, 2nd 10.00, 3rd $7.00, 4th $5.00
6. High Point/Versatility Awards will be given to all divisions except Open. If you participated in the following Sunday events these points will be also added to your entry on Monday and included in your high point/versatility award.
In Hand Obstacle, Command, Timed Barrels.
7. Registered Judge will be announced day of the show. Judge will not be present for timed events; a fair Ambassador will be present and will have the same authority as a Judge.
8. All patterns posted at 9:00 a.m.
9. Registration for all classes to close at 1:00 p.m. There will be no Lunch Break plan accordingly.
10. All participants need to show proof of insurance. If you do not have insurance, you may purchase insurance on line through Equine Canada. If you need assistance please contact Julie Nicholls-Schmeler at
11. This is a family fall fair please enjoy yourself in friendly competition.
12. Overnight camping permitted please reserve by sending an email.
13. Classes that include both Disciplines may be separated into 2 groups (by their discipline) for their initial judging and then the top from each group may be judged in a second heat. If there is 5 competitors for each discipline. the class may be divided into 2 separate classes and added to the class list.
14. Cheering is Expected and loud family and friends!!!!!

1. Halter Junior
2. Halter Youth
3. Halter Senior
4. Showmanship Junior
5. Showmanship Youth
6. Showmanship Senior
7. Pleasure Junior
8. Pleasure Youth
9. Pleasure Senior
10. Western Pleasure Open $100.00 Jackpot
11. English Pleasure Open $100.00 Jackpot
12. Horsemanship/Equitation Youth
13. Horsemanship/Equitation Senior
14. Open Horsemanship $100.00 Jackpot
15. English Equitation Open $100.00 Jackpot
16. Pleasure Pairs 
17. Trail Youth
18. Trail Senior
19. Hunter Hack- equitation combined with 2 jumps of no more than 2’3. Open Jackpot $100.00
20. Barrels Junior
21. Barrels Intermediate
22. Barrels Senior
23. Open Barrels $100.00 Jackpot
24. Flag Junior
25. Flag Youth
26. Flag Senior
27. Flag Open $100.00 Jackpot
28. Stake Junior
29. Stake Youth
30. Stake Senior
31. Stake Open $100.00 Jackpot
32. Pole Bending Junior
33. Pole Bending Youth
34. Pole Bending Senior
35. Pole Bending Open $100 Jackpot


Burk’s Falls Agricultural Society
Light Horse Show
Sunday September 2, 2018

Best Horsemanship on the Ground -  $50.00

donated by Gary Sanderson

New this year! Sunday September 2, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.
Bucks and Run Evening Game Tournament!
All Classes will be prize money only. Winner takes All.
Junior 20 bucks Youth and Senior 50 bucks
Entry Fees: Juniors FREE! 12 and under; Youth and Senior 10 Bucks a Class

Heavy Horses

Directors: Dianne and Steve Mulligan

Judging - Monday, September 3 at 12:00 noon

Horse Draw

Light and Heavy Divisions